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Silky Saw GOMBOY Curved Folding Saw 717-
Silky Saw GOMBOY Curved Folding Saw 717-

Silky Saw GOMBOY Curved Folding Saw 717-

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The curved blade of the Gomboy Curve makes the saw very suitable for cutting above the shoulder and keeps the saw in the saw cut.

The Gomboy is a multi-functional folding saw suitable for many outdoor purposes. The medium size teeth on this saw make short work of cutting dry firewood and green branches etc.

The Gomboy has specially ground teeth and cuts on the pull stroke, which requires less energy and gives more control. This enables you to saw very quickly through thick logs as well as enabling very precise cuts for precision work, such as building shelters or bush furniture. This folding saw is also compact and lightweight and is easily stored in your backpack, camping gear or in your motor vehicle.

The blade on the Gomboy folds easily into the handle, protecting the sharp teeth. The locking mechanism is designed to keep the blade in the closed position as well as securely locked open in two different positions.

The rubber handle on the Gomboy absorbs vibration, offering a secure grip and feels comfortable in the hand even after prolonged use. A hole is provided in the handle for the attachment of a rope or carabiner.

The Gomboy can also be carried on the belt in the optional Caseboy 505 Holster.

  • Blade Length: 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 300mm Hard Chrome Plated
  • Teeth Per 30mm:
  • Kerf: 1.40mm

NEW Gomboy now in a curved blade. Great multipurpose saw for all your gardening needs. 

The Gomboy range of folding saws are the sizes in between the Pocketboy and Bigboy folding saws. The medium tooth Gomboys are particularly useful for general pruning, carrying in the rucksack, a survival saw and some carpentry situations where a quick smooth cut is required. 

For the technically minded the features of the Gomboy are

  • Hollow ground and taper ground blades
  • Special Silky steel with applied coating to help prevent rust and sap corrosion
  • Clear plastic hinged carrying case for storage and carrying is included (For the 210mm & 240mm ONLY)
  • Gomboy Folding saws are very easy to fit anywhere as the blade folds into the handle which, like all Silky Saws is a special Gom rubber formula that dampens vibration and helps you grip the saw even if it is wet and moist from perspiration or rain.

 Silky Saws make a suitable saw for all purposes. Gomboys fit into that in between size for a folding saw.

717-21 Gomboy 210mm curved

Blade length:- 210mm or 8.3 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in:- 8/6.8



717-24 Gomboy 240mm curved

Blade length: 240mm or 9.5 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in: 8/6.8

Weight: 265g


717-27 Gomboy 270mm curved

Blade length: 270mm or 10.6 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in: 8/6.8

Weight: 300g


717-30 Gomboy 300mm curved

Blade length: 300mm or 11.8 inches

Teeth per 30mm/in: 8/6.8

Weight: 325g